7 Questions Peterborough- featuring Christopher Wilton

Meet Christopher Wilton – he came to Trent University because it offered a program like no other in the country – Cultural Studies. Like so many of us, he  left and then came back to Peterborough to raise a family. Find out more about Christopher who shares his passion for art, literature, his work as a sommelier and a teacher, in this episode of 7 Questions Peterborough.

Oh and in honour of St. Valentine, he’s picked three of his can’t-miss wines to help celebrate the feast  of love.


Voice of Fire                                                    The Matrix


Wines Mentioned by Christopher that are available right now at the L.C.B.O

Antica Hirpinia Taurasi 2010  $30.75 (Peterborough)

Vieux Chateau Certan Pomerol  $725.00 (Bayview and Sheppard store)

Duckhorn Merlot  2015 $67.95 (Elgin St West and Rogers Rd)



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