7 Questions Peterborough- featuring Christopher Wilton

Meet Christopher Wilton – he came to Trent University because it offered a program like no other in the country – Cultural Studies. Like so many of us, he  left and then came back to Peterborough to raise a family. Find out more about Christopher who shares his passion for art, literature, his work as a sommelier and a teacher, in this episode of 7 Questions Peterborough.

Oh and in honour of St. Valentine, he’s picked three of his can’t-miss wines to help celebrate the feast  of love.


Voice of Fire                                                    The Matrix


Wines Mentioned by Christopher that are available right now at the L.C.B.O

Antica Hirpinia Taurasi 2010  $30.75 (Peterborough)

Vieux Chateau Certan Pomerol  $725.00 (Bayview and Sheppard store)

Duckhorn Merlot  2015 $67.95 (Elgin St West and Rogers Rd)



7 Questions Peterborough- featuring Jeremy Kelly

Meet Jeremy Kelly

Jeremy Blair Kelly is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and furniture builder who is passionate about his work, his family and in his spare time, racing cars. Andrew and Carol sat down with Jeremy and discovered who he looks up to, where he loves to eat and why Dumb and Dumber is one of his all-time favourite films.